Banging that ol’ drum!

Am I the only person on the planet that is sick to death of buying something on Amazon Ebay or using an on line service and then getting e-mails asking for a review ?? Pop ups, e-mails, texts – its invasive.

If I were to review ‘ things I buy, or services I use – I purchase something on e-shop platforms weekly – I would be spending upward of 2 hours a week writing considered fair articles. I do not need that additional complication in my life.

Additionally I do not believe a lot of the reviews that appear on review sites for example ‘trust pilot’ you read the reviews and think to yourself ‘Really?’

So in the main I do not write reviews and in turn I do not expect people to write reviews for my business.

The downside of my ‘attitude’ is that I lose out on ‘on-line presence’ or Google ranking if you will. In other words if I were to have loads of reviews I would appear higher ranked on Google and other search engines and ultimately be more succesful.

Sorry – ethically I cannot do that. I will not subject people to a bombardment of irritating mail, its wrong.

People do send me e-mails after they have received their scanned images and we always have positive feedback. Occasionally I ask people if I can use their review and add it to our review pages. So our reviews have been acquired passively and I am happy with that.

Sometimes customers ask if they can specifically write a review and thats great, really appreciate it. We do have on line reviews at Free index and Yell, which feed through to the omnipresent Google. If you do write a review for us it definitely helps our on line presence, so thank you.

And what prompted this post ? Well one of my customers, someone who has come back us several times, came back for some photo restoration work. Small 3cm x 5cm black and white portraits were scanned restored, enlarged and printed, faded pictures had colour restoration and some torn images repaired. Our customer was so pleased with the results she insisted on writing a review for us – and it took me a while to find the link to write reviews!!!

So how do I keep in business ? Its thanks to you guys coming back and to word of mouth. We provide a high quality service and our prices are very competitive. At the end of the day we provide a service valued by our customers. That is the best recommendation of all.

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