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Photographing the Faroes  

Happy New year – Gosh is it really 2022 ! Welcome to our website. Saturn Films 1969 is a long established, family run business, based in South Wales, UK. We scan and digitise slides, negatives, 35mm, medium format and more. We also digitise vhs and cine film. Your high resolution images are supplied on a usb to view on your computer or ‘smart’ TV.

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35mm slide to digital   35mm slide scanning

Photograph to digital  Negative film scanning
 Cine film to digital   Standard 8 and Super 8mm cine film
VHS, hi-8 and digital 8 to digital format  VHS, Betamax, Hi-8 and digital 8 video
photo scanning and restoration  Photograph scanning and digital restoration.
Saturn Films 1969 price list  Price List

SRN 4 Hovercraft  Jargon buster

Other services we provide include 35mm film processing, photo restoration and we and produce high quality prints too. We offer a specialist service scanning glass plates too !

A family business established on July 21st 1969. Saturn Films 1969 Slide photo and negative scanning service UK. We digitise your images saving them as jeg or tif, on a usb stick or other digital media.  We provide high resolution image scanning using Nikon scanners, a simple pricing structure, great feedback and a personal service. Saturn Films 1969 are a leading, long established, slide, negative and photo scanning and digitising service. All images are individually edited, colour corrected, given dust and scratch reduction treatment and minor repairs as standard using Lightroom, Photoshop and other software solutions.

Our prices remain competitive because we rely on returning customers and personal recommendation, we rarely need to advertise. Also we do not pay for feedback. We believe that paid feed back is not genuine and cannot be trusted, therefore all of our feedback has been from customers who commented voluntarily and agreed for us to use their comments on our feedback pages. Thank you.


Saturn Films 1969 slide scanning, negative scanning, cine, photo and video digital restoration
We recommend sending your items by ‘special’ Royal Mail delivery or Parcel Force. Please make sure you include your e-mail address with your order. Local drop off is also welcome.

Saturn Films 1969
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