Video Conversion

Video conversion and transfer:

We are video conversion specialists. Currently with VHS, s-vhs, Betamax, Hi-8, digital 8, video 8 and vhs-c we offer capture, editing and transfer to DVD or blu-ray and MP4 conversions for viewing on your TVs and computers. We will also convert digital copies to other formats, for example mpeg to mp4.

We capture and edit the film using our Windows based and Apple computer systems, this is not a straight video to disc transfer. Your film will be edited to remove or reduce the noise and unviewable sections. You can request us not to edit and we will provide you with full unedited files in MP4 format. The video conversion and transfer process will not increase the resolution of the original but will enable viewing on high resolution equipment. Our current charges can be found on the price list page and for larger orders of over 10 video tapes we will apply a 10% discount. Titles are included as you require.

Video conversions by us have a ‘Saturn Films 1969’ lead in and lead out which we will exclude if you prefer.

We encourage you to phone us to discuss your video conversion project (or e-mail and we will call you back). We are very happy to discuss your video and can provide a quotation if you have any non standard requirements.

Send your video conversion or digitising project by recorded delivery to:

Saturn Films 1969
8 Heol-y-Felin,
Glynneath. SA11 5TB
tel.  074 1111 9419
If you want to drop your project off personally please phone us and we will arrange to meet you either at our business address, above, or our shop:
We will e-mail you on receipt of your project.

An invoice is generated once your video conversion has been completed (unless this is a massive project being paid for in instalments). We accept payment by bank transfer ideally but can take a cheque if you do not mind waiting for it to clear!

Once we have returned the digital files to you we await your feedback before returning the originals.