Photography and digitising

Saturn Films (1969)

Why do I love photography, and digitising images in particular ?
Firstly I enjoy preserving memories for my customers – and for my family, that special moment in time that has been captured and preserved. Secondly there is the challenge of restoring a faded photograph, or one that is over or under exposed and trying to retrieve something acceptable.

Last week I had completed a project with one or two dreadfully aged images. The fading and colour was, I thought, beyond repair. I had a crack with lightroom and was quite pleased to get an acceptable Black and White image.

My customer asked if I could give it another go in colour, it was a special image. When people come back and ask me to pay attention to one or two pictures I am always happy to oblige even though the time involved can be disproportionate, it is a good end result we want to achieve. This one was a battle. Using Lightroom and photoshop we managed to produce a colour picture that was reasonably close to life – okay it took a mornings work, four cups of coffee and a couple of Ibuprofen…..

The past year we have had some fascinating projects, my favourite originated in Gibraltar and included pictures of pre Falklands Conflict warships. I have been interested in that particular conflict since before it happened (I was aware of the South Georgia landings before most!) My thanks to John for that one.

There have been many projects for family albums and a lot of associated video and cine film. One of our customers has been posting 8mm cine film we digitised on our local interest facebook page and they have been well received.

A serious ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has given us such positive feedback and permission to share your thoughts. We do not push this, I seriously dislike being asked for feedback for everthing I buy on line. Consequenty I would not dream of asking any of you specifically for feedback, but if you do it is appreciated (but hey, don’t tell us – tell your friends and relatives). Most of our work is from personal recommendation and returning customers.

So thats why I love it. The variety and the challenge. Our aim is to preserve your photos for you, your family and for future generations.

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