Funny – Not Funny!

Sometimes technology really sucks! I have a mobile phone thats getting a bit long in the tooth, yes its nearly 2 years old, and its beginning to play up.

At the weekend I made a phone call, had a chat and then hung up. Then went to the loo, made a cuppa then sat and watched a movie. What I did not know was that while I was doing these things my phone had dialled one of my customers so heaven only knows what he thought ( I have subsequently phoned and apologised).

The phone has been making phone calls all by itself, at one point my wife sent a text to me asking why I was calling her and not saying anything.

So while this is a technical hitch that may seem superficially funny it is not really in the least bit amusing.

I am giving the phone a factory reset in the hope I will get at least another 2 years out of it. I will however lose all the add ons and customisations, including messenger ………………………… Oh well its not all bad then 🙂


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