Privacy and GDPR.

Privacy and GDPR:

Privacy is an issue we have treated with respect from day 1. As many of our customers know Saturn Films 1969 do not ‘do’ remarketing or data capture. We use your e-mail address to let you know we have received your project, how we are getting on, your bill, and final communications. If you phone us or use our trial services we may make a follow up phone call. We occasionally use Google Adwords to advertise and they have their own GDPR compliance policy. We do not share personal data with any third party, we totally repect your privacy.

When you perform a bank transfer it is with your bank and we do not capture any data, save for the date, who it is from and the sum transferred to us.

We do keep your e-mail address on record, this is on Google Mail and archived on our secure backup drives. Copies of your project are kept while we can so that you can always request a copy. A charge is made for provision of copies, when we can provide them. We cannot guarantee that this service will be available. We also provide a discount to returning customers so the information is used by us in this context.

If you wish us to delete any personal data we hold about you, (this includes: Name, address and e-mail address) we will gladly do so. We do need to keep a written record of transactions for HMRC purposes.

Facebook GDPR:

We do have a Facebook page which you are welcome to like and follow but please be aware that Facebook have their own GDPR compliance policies.

Other platforms:

As for Trust pilot and other feedback platforms we are sceptical about the ‘True’ feedback.  There are sites where feedback is just too good to be true so we no longer not use them. We have our own feedback page which is occasionally updated with genuine customer comments – we do not obsess on these, most of our work is from returning customers so “nuff said”.

Personally I have reservations about Mailchimp, Facebook and Google data capture and sharing. There still appears to be a lack of clarity on how these companies are really meeting compliance law. I think that Paul Merton has the right idea – no phone, no e-mail and so on ……. Respect for one of the most under appreciated intellectuals of our time!

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