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Slide Scanning

Slide scanning is a cost effective and efficient way to get your photographs digitised and preserved for the future. Scanned images stored on disc, usb or other digital media are easy to view and share on televisions using a compatible DVD player, or on computers. The images can also be backed up and stored in a secure location. Discs also take up a lot less space than the original slides or photos. Our customers will tell you that our high resolution scans display exceedingly well on modern HD, ‘4k’ or ‘ultra hd tv’ . We do not copy protect the discs. The pictures are yours and you can copy the disc as often as you like – or we will provide this service for you at a competitive price. The images can be used for presentations, slideshow-photo albums, in digital photo frames, as printed pictures in books, as posters etc. By using compressed images they can be transmitted across the internet in e-mails.

Our standards and pricing policy.

We include image rotation, cropping, colour correction and digital ICE for minor dust and scratch removal as standard. Our standard high quality service provides a scanning resolution for slides up to 4000dpi saved as high quality Jpeg images of approximately 1.5 to 5.0 Mb. We will also scan to different resolutions and formats by request. Our pricing policy is based on resolution and quality.

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What if I do this myself?

Scanning equipment is available in the shops and can provide simple to high quality scanning outputs. Needless to say the more you pay, the better your scanning capability. There may be a steep learning curve in using scanning equipment and particularly editing the scanned images. There are several websites which provide wealth of information, and we are always happy to discuss equipment and projects with you. At Saturn Films (1969) we use Nikon, Canon and Epson scanning solutions.

If you would like a training day using our equipment and software – Nikon D5000, Epson V750, Photoshop, Hamrick and SilverFast software – give us a call. Training contact link.

We believe that we provide one of the most competitive packages available with high quality economical scanned images provided on TDK, Memorex, Phillips or a similar high quality discs. We also place images on usb’s and external hard drives for larger orders to allow rapid transfer to your computer, network drive or backup drive.

If you need any help with file transfer or network drives please contact us and we will talk through the problem to arrive at a solution or determine what you need to do.

Saturn Films (1969) scan your slides economically and at high resolution. You do not have the hassle of buying equipment and learning to use it. We calibrate, scan, rotate, crop and colour adjust as required. In our two labs we use Nikon and Epson equipment with IT-8 targets, connected to Apple computers for image manipulation and PC’s for preparing discs and printing covers to give you the best results.

Trial Image Scan Service

Send up to 3 slides photos or negatives together with a stamped addressed return envelope and we will scan, edit and e-mail the images to you.

Saturn Films 1969 Digital photo scanning, restoration and preservation.

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