Vidareidi The Faroes Northernmost settlement

With good weather after a hard nights wind and rain the journey north was quite pleasant. The roads in The Faroes are surprisingly busy and there seems to be a dispropotionate number of large trucks to cars. We followed the road to Klaksvik, which includes a wonderfully lit undersea tunnel. Alex reackons its where they […]

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Faroe Islands 2017

For years I have wanted to make the trip to the Faroes. I suppose the drean started when I used to listen to the transistor radio late at night hidden under the bed sheets. While I was listening to Radio Luxemburg, Radio Tirana or the BBC the shipping weather forcast always came up – ‘Dogger, […]

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Sunflowers – July 2017

The past few days I have been working on a fascinating negative restoration project. I needed a break so yesterday Jan and I grabbed the X100T and took a couple of pictures each of a sunflower. Not a competition – just to run the camera in different hands before an important event today. I was […]

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Dan yr Ogof caves in South Wales

Last month we made a trip to the Dan yr Ogof caves in South Wales. Needless to say this was a great day out and the little’ns enjoyed themselves. I used a simple Samsung J5 for the pictures I took that day, simply because I did not want to be lugging a camera around the […]

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