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Digital Imaging Specialist, some time photographer, scientist and model maker. Tag line - 'So many interests, lifes too short'. Read my biography 'A cv for the afterlife' still being written.

D7100 and Fuji X100T for our camping expedition.

There I was tossing and turning, not sleeping at all. So I decided to clear my mind with a posting. Over the past few days, between video and slide editing, I have been going through my equipment, looking at camera bodies and lenses and different combinations to make an efficient system for my backpack. As […]

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Using an older scanner – Dimage 3

The other day one of my customers mentioned in conversation that he had a Dimage 3 scanner in his cupboard, boxed up and out of work. He kindly agreed to lend me the machine as I had never used one. The Dimage range of scanners have a good reputation and I was quite excited to […]

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Dan yr Ogof caves in South Wales

Last month we made a trip to the Dan yr Ogof caves in South Wales. Needless to say this was a great day out and the little’ns enjoyed themselves. I used a simple Samsung J5 for the pictures I took that day, simply because I did not want to be lugging a camera around the […]

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Dads Funeral

My father was given a great send off by a large gathering of family and friends yesterday. The British Legion provided a Guard of Honour and the service was conducted by Reverend Daniel Freyhan.   Eric Henry Sack Proud, stubborn, loved his family, looked out for his friends. A more caring and giving man would […]

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Neath Valley Wools – a new yarn shop in Glynneath

Congratulations to my wife on opening her brand new bricks and mortar shop in Glynneath. It has been a long time coming and despite the problems we have had this year and particularly this past month she has done wonders! The shop is stocked with a massive range of wools, yarns, knitting needles and patterns, […]

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Goodbye Father and Friend

My Dad, and oldest friend, passed away over the weekend. Eric H. Sack was a good natured man, always thinking of others before himself. While my brother and I were growing up he was always there supporting and encouraging us. If he ever thought we were in trouble or needed help he was there. For […]

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Global Warming – Ostrich Syndrome and my quote for 2017

The Arctic Ice Sheet is at its lowest point for thousands of years, thinner, less expansive and much weaker – New Scientist April 2017. The human race is heading at breakneck speed toward self elimination – we ignored cigarettes and their effects for decades and now the same is happening with global warming. Politicians and […]

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Me and my Rollei

Rollei posing on computer Not very long ago I fulfilled an ambition. I purchased a Rollei. Although the original leather case is a bit knocked about the the camera is in good condition and I am very happy with it as a peice of historic decoration but also as a working instrument. A bit about […]

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