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Glynneath Rugby – Project for a Season

Although indoor portrait photography, scanning images, film and video is the mainstay of our work we do get time out to take photographs. I decided this year to make a project of a season of rugby for my local club. Glynneath play in the Welsh Rugby Championship.
For me the championship is the one division that has not been ruined by the insane tickering of the WRU dividing our Premiership into bits and basically undermining it. I will add that I am an avid Neath fan and feel that the club has been undermined and devalued with the changes which make no sense to me at all.
There got that off my chest.
So I am going to as many of the Glynneath games as I can get to and so far I have a couple of good pics. At the end of the season I hope to have a board of 12 decent images that form a story of 2017-18.
I have posted a selection of images on the Glynneath website. Some pictures are ok and I am quite pleased with them. I am learning how my different lens act in sports photography and to date my 70 – 200 dx vr lens performs best, other lens have been disappointing.

Anyway here is one of my favourites. It has a background that is too sharp and yes I could photoshop it but I won’t! The picture is what it is and I like the pose. For fun I might cartoonise the image – but then it will not be a photo!


Quick update – Newbridge Saturday home. This is a big match for us and lets hope we get a good home crowd!

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