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Vidareidi The Faroes Northernmost settlement

With good weather after a hard nights wind and rain the journey north was quite pleasant. The roads in The Faroes are surprisingly busy and there seems to be a dispropotionate number of large trucks to cars. We followed the road to Klaksvik, which includes a wonderfully lit undersea tunnel. Alex reackons its where they secretly have discos the colours when you arrive at the deepest point of the tunnel are bright and fun! Anyway onwards through the town towards another set of tunnels cutting through the Island. The first two are single track and priority is for one direction. Outwards we had priority and the cars coming towards us had to dive into laybys to let us past. It worked quite well, on the way back it was a little stressful ensuring you found a layby before the oncoming traffic reached you.

We arrived at a point overlooking Vidareidi and the view is breathtaking. My immediate reaction was ‘Wow – no way am I even going to attempt walking up there.’ Which was good because Alex agreed it looked just a bit too challenging. The hikers guide offers a fairly long route around this part but having seen it I would advise progress with caution.

Into the town itself and we met some people just like us -looking for coffee. They had looked and said the town was dead. There is a restaurant, Matstova  but they must be contacted out of season to open up. Apparently we are just out of season, they seem to close about the 15th of August which is a shame as there are still lots of hikers, tourists and explorers!

There is a hotel but it does not look as if it opens ever.

The town is interesting to walk around. We saw people in the distance and a few cars passed us. The bus does not come here very frequently. We took lots of pictures but they do not do justice to the place. There are some panoramic shots that I will have to stitch together when we get back home and I’ll ensure these are posted.

We took more pics and then went to investigate what according to our guide book is an ‘abandoned village’, across the fjord from Vidareidi. It was easy to find but the road is a little rough. When we got there  it was anything but abandoned and so the promise of tranquility and just the sound of the sea and the birds was vanquished.

Back to Klaksvik then and to investigate a wool shop for the Mrs.

Till next time.


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