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Kirkjubour in the Faroe Islands

Time to break camp so the tent has come down. In the process we found this little critter keeping us company (on the outside thank goodness!):

I have no idea what species but was a clourful little thing.

So tent down and packed and we headed for Kirkjubour having had a rained off visit a few days back.

Kirkjubour is a small village, the southernmost on the isle of Streymoy. It is home to the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral from circa 1300, the Sait Olav’s Church from the 12th century and the old farmhouse Kirkjubourgarour from the 11th century. The day was overcast but better than the downpour we experienced a few days ago so here are some photos from the excursion.


The site is magnificent and was well worth the wait. I have tried the pictures of the Cathedral in black and white and colour on this laptop, I think some work with Lightroom on an Apple will be in order 🙂

The view from Kirjubour to Koltur Island.


Lastly here is a picture of a spinning wheel from the museum for the Mrs!



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