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Gasadalur in the Faroe Islands

Gasadalur Village and waterfall on an overcast day – stunning view.

We woke up after a well-needed nights sleep. Check out time was 10am, Alex woke up at 9.55am.

We took Dan, an Aussie on tour, with us to Gasadalur village. We had a wide ranging and fun chat and Dan kindly took some pictures for us.

This picture shows us with Mykines in the background. Some friends we made, Paul and his wife also from Oz, went over to the island today. I hope they had a good time and hope to hear from them. We will not make it there this trip. Maybe next time ……

We found the coffee shop. For those of you who go there in the future be prepared to just serve yourself from a jug and then simply pay for the drink.

We followed advice from our hotel owner Kent, and walked up the hill to see the view from a seat overlooking the village. Yes, it was nice.

Our next visit was to the souvenir shop. Dan, Alex and I  were fascinated by the prospect of a curiosity shop in this remote village. We were not disappointed. The shop which once was the old post office, is now called Uanni. They manufacture and sell processed fleeces and produce high quality clothing, with an expensive price tag. The workmanship is first class and will certainly provide a niche market. We spoke to the husband, of the husband and wife team. He was very welcoming and informative with embarassingly good English.

We returned to Torshavn in increasingly worse weather. In Torshavn it was very wet and windy (just as you described Christine!!). We did make a diversion to visit the unfinished cathedral in Kirkjubour but the rain was just too heavy to get any pictures. We returned to our tent and put our feet up planning our next excursion.

Till next time, Alex and David. 🙂







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