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A boat ride from Torshavn

Whilst still in the UK I had booked a boat ride on the ‘Nordlysid’ Nothern Lights. The ride included a concert in a cavern. Having paid what I considered to be a reasonable amount  I was expecting a short boat ride there and back with a short while in a cave listening to music. What we got was a half day experience circumnavigating Hestor and having a concert in a cavern which was wonderful.  My expectations were surpassed and it was a superb trip that I would highly recommend. As a caveat I will add that the sea was like a millpond ……

Here are some pictures from the trip:


And my photo of the day –

There is so much to talk about but both Alex and I are ready for the sleeping bags at the end of every day!

I am glad we have made this trip now, I suspect The Faroes will become like Iceland, a place that was once a location rarely visited now well and truely on the tourist route.









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