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Faroe Islands 2017

For years I have wanted to make the trip to the Faroes. I suppose the drean started when I used to listen to the transistor radio late at night hidden under the bed sheets. While I was listening to Radio Luxemburg, Radio Tirana or the BBC the shipping weather forcast always came up – ‘Dogger, German Bite fair to good. Faroes, Crommerty falling, fair to poor’. Of course that may not be exact but there it was Faroes – where on earth are they? I looked Faroes up on the map and found them, nestled between Iceland and Scotland on a little rocky outcrop. I had to go there  – one day.

Since then other places on the ‘bucket list’ have been ticked off – the  Grand Canyon, LA, San Diego, Paris, Brussels (yes honestly), Munich, Tirana and more but not the Faroes. The desire to get there was compounded when I saw a televised international football match at the old stadium overlooking the sea. I think it was the next day I spoke to Chris D and suggested we flew up with tent and backpack. I got a price of £50 to faro and there was the problem, it was the wrong Faro. It was going to cost a lot more to get to the Islands and the plan was scuppered.

Time passed then a couple of months ago I looked at routes and the cheapest was from Edinburgh on Atlantic Airways. If we could get there cheaply enough it could be done. I said to my 19 year old daughter Alex, who’s currently on a gap year, ‘lets go camping on the Faroes’ and explained my plan. She said ‘yes’ and said she would sort the busses to Edinburgh which she did at a toal cost of £60 (inc. return!). She booked busses, I booked the plane. I identified a hostel for the first night and then a campsite. We were on our way.

Because I felt the trip had been abandoned so often before I did not want to ‘Jinx’ it so I kept it quiet and when people asked where we were holidaying I would say ‘north of Scotland’ which whilst accurate and true is a little misleading. Now we are here I am happy to talk about it!

Arrival at Vagar

We arrived in poor weather but quickly orientated ourselves.

Our campsite in Torshavn.
WW2 British Gun in Torshavn guarding the harbour.

We are here!

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One comment on “Faroe Islands 2017


Hello David and Alex! We met at the boat excursion (the grotto concert) in Torshavn! 🙂 your pictures are beautiful! And I actually did shut my mouth up when I was asked where I was going to!!!! Also didn’t want to jinx this trip because my friend and I have been talking about the Faroes for a long while! 🙂

Hope you’re having fun in the Faroes (we’re back in Hong Kong already…)!


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