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Faroe Islands 2017 update

Today we had a tour of the town on the bus. We stopped at the Cathedral and took a few piccys. Later we watched a football match, then visited Tinganes and then managed to find our way back to our favourite pub! We staggered back to the campsite via a motorcycle shop selling Harleys and Triumphs (dream on!).

The people here are incredibly friendly and mostly polyglots. Its quite embarrassing really when you struggle with your own language too!!!!

In front of the Cathedral


There are some stories around the structure which I hope we can bring you shortly. We took shots on the outside then caught a bus for the swimming pool and football stadium. The football stadium is on my bucket list whilst my daughter has the pool on hers – two birds with one stone!

The pool is an excellent 25m tub and the water is clear. As a piece of architecture it reminds me of the Newport pool, but cleaner and brighter. Sorry no pictures for obvious reasons. Lifeguards were in attendance and kept an eye on the fun the kids were having. You pay for one hour 35 DKK which includes showering time. There was no evidence of a swimming club but we are trying to see what the set up is. Alex wants to be a teacher, coach and physio here !!!

The football stadium did not disappoint, nor did the football. We watched some teenagers playing with some considerable skill. Hopefully we will see the Faroe Islands putting up a good competitive team in the European championships. I’d like to see a local league match but I’m probably out of luck with that one. Pehaps on our next visit …… ?

Into Tinganes and some superb buildings …. well worth exploring at leisure.

And at last I was dragged to the pub …… ok not strictly true. The nachos are awesome!

My Photo of the Day:

A boat goes by

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