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D7100 and Fuji X100T for our camping expedition.

There I was tossing and turning, not sleeping at all. So I decided to clear my mind with a posting.

Over the past few days, between video and slide editing, I have been going through my equipment, looking at camera bodies and lenses and different combinations to make an efficient system for my backpack. As I now accept that I am not the strapping young man I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s …..ok … and 50s, I have got to assemble a package I can carry and maintain for a short camping trip. Bearing in mind I will need to carry a tent, sleeping bag, airmatress (absolute essential) clothes and so on as well as camera gear and slippers. My lenses and bodies are all Nikon and I have one compact camera – the Fuji X100T. My big lightbuckets at up to 300mm are to heavy to carry and the smaller lighter 35mm and 50mm ones just are not ringing my bell. I laid the kit before me and after fair deliberation I decided the X100T plus the Nikon D7100 with a 55-200DX lens was the combination of choice. In other words the AF lenses and the Nikon F5 were being kicked into the long grass. The Rolleicord might slip in though!

With my new found enthusiasm I took the Nikon with the 55-200dx lens into the garden in the early evening to grab a couple of shots. My first subject was this young cat that seems to be lost! He is reasonably well fed but it transpires that he has been fed by several of our neighbours, and yes … us too!! Our cats tolerate him but he hangs around and does try to play with them, thats not always well received. He is quite affectionate, particularly before he has scrounged a bowl of biscuits. So we have a couple of portraits of the fellow. And just for info in case any of you know him, he has all of his bodily parts …. if you know what I mean.

copyright Saturn Films 1969 July 2017 copyright Saturn Films 1969 July 2017

My next subject was the viscious predator known locally as ‘Fluffy’. This young chap has been with us for a year now and he is a well integrated member of the family. He generally shows his affection by bringing us mice. Lovely.

copyright Saturn Films 1969 July 2017 copyright Saturn Films 1969 July 2017

Having ambled around the garden with the D7100 with the 55-200 dx combination I was feeling quite positive. The weight is not unbearable and the battery life, to date, has been quite good. The battery life on the X100T though is embarassing and I may need to purchase some more batteries for backup.

So the decision has been made.  The positives of taking the D7100 with the 55-200 lens  a backup 50 prime together with the X100T are essentially weight. The dx lens is light and has vibration reduction, with a tripod it should provide pretty good results. The X100T is a light camera but packed with electronic goodness. With our variable weather I am going to have to look at water proofing and I will see whats on offer on the internet over the next few days.

My team will head up to PontNeddfechan to test it all out in the next few weeks. And if the worst comes to the worst we can always dive into the Old White Horse bunkhouse to hide from the weather and sample a pint or three.

Until next time, David.

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One comment on “D7100 and Fuji X100T for our camping expedition.


With regard to your post covering your camera and lens selection, to make carrying the back pack easier. I also went through a similar process some years ago and reduced down to a Canon 50d body, a 10-22 tamron lens, an 18-200 IS Canon lens plus a very small Canon Ixus. No separate flash gun, no tripod and no binoculars. This was primarily for a three week trip across Canada, a lot of which was done on trains and coaches.. I found that even that combination was over doing it for that sort of trip. For me collecting the holiday memories was best done with the small Canon Ixus, which also had HD video capability. The remaining gear was for the photographic opportunities I hoped would occur, but I soon discovered several shortcomings in my plans. No one waits while you satisfy the picture taking urge so for the most part it was snatching shots when you could and then wishing afterwards there had been more time, or I had done it differently etc. Also the best panoramas you see are when you are behind glass windows and there is always a reflection issue or the vehicle is moving which shows blurry foregrounds etc. In short there was more frustration than satisfaction.
As a result of this I changed even more radically and now only carry a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 bridge camera which has an equivalent 35mm zoom range of 25-600mm plus it is a fixed aperture throughout its range of F2.8. It all sounds impressive, and it is, and I have found that it does most of what I ask once I have learnt (and hopefully remembered in the field) how to do it. My need to satisfy the photography bug has reduced considerably so this camera does most of what I want, but that being said I do on ocassion dwell on picking up an SLR kit and going out for some creativity exercises…. I also have a small Lumix LX5 which is a handbag camera which is also usefull for the holiday pictures, although I have taken some good shots with it. So I understand a little of your problem but my solution really led to me leaving behind serious photography and just enjoying the collecting of good memories.


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