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Fun with my Rolleicord and Fuji X100T

We have had some good weather here in South Wales the past few days and, at last, I was inspired to get the cameras out and have some fun.
The first project was walking around Glynneath trying to find an unusual shot that did not scream ‘Hey I’m a High Street Photo taken in South Wales! So we walked around and took some piccys. The X100T was the weapon of choice as I wanted my younger daughter to take some shots. We walked down the high street and I took pictures that we could look back on in the future just to say ‘That was the bookies back then’ or ‘That was the pharmacy’ and so on. I have pictures of Glynneath taken over the years and they do document the subtle changes.



The first picture, above, shows the river as it bends away southwards on the edge of the town. The river runs beside the high street but even so it seems removed from the town. The photo I wanted came as we walked by the river.


The picture came from a shot I took with the bridge into Glynneath behind me and taken parallel to the road facing South. The river is on the left, the high street to the right.

Glynneath Unseen
Green Lane Glynneath

For me the picture feels as though it is taken on a well used green lane ambling through the Welsh countryside leading to somewhere interesting. There is a park bench close by and makes this area a nice little escape from the normal hustle and bustle.

The second project came with the elder daughter. I had been trying to get a cat portrait with the Rolleicord and failed miserably. They would not stay still long enough for me to focus and get that shot. So the two of us sat in the garden, me with the Rollei and Alex with the X100T. It was sunny and I grabbed a couple of portraits despite objections from the subject. I look forward to the developed pictures with interest and anticipation. The cats were not helpful. Following an afternoons worth of chasing cats we had a couple of ok-ish images. These are all taken on the X100T – So here they are.

Rolleicord in action
Trying to get ‘That’ picture


Cat at rest
Having a well earned rest


Not Posing
I am not going to pose for you – no way!


cat on the prowl
What are you lookin at?


It was fun getting them and we both enjoyed the challenge and learned important lessons on using the different cameras in these conditions, and thats what its all about!



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