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Eric Henry Sack 1929-2017

My Dad, and oldest friend, passed away over the weekend.

Eric H. Sack was a good natured man, always thinking of others before himself. While my brother and I were growing up he was always there supporting and encouraging us. If he ever thought we were in trouble or needed help he was there. For example he thought nothing of being woken from a deep sleep and driving from Stevenage to London in the early hours of the morning to rescue his sons and friends stuck at Kings Cross (on several occassions).

Dad used to take us to work with him on his decorating jobs – great fun and my brother and I learned a lot and had a bit of pocket money too.

For me the pivotal moment of my life was getting my ‘O’ level results and although I passed all of them the grades were poor. I was gutted and Dad took me under his wing and for a walk to town. On the way down the hill I told him about how the results shattered my dreams of being a vet, he said “Its alright son, you can come and work at the ESA (a factory producing furniture) with me”. In that moment my lfe changed and I replied a nano-second later “Its alright Dad, I’ll stay on and do my ‘A’ levels.

It would be wrong for me not to mention his obsessive ‘It must be done now’ attitude. It amused and annoyed me in equal measure but to be fair he always got the job done, whatever the task was.

There are so many happy memories, so many great stories. None of them bad.

So I say to my father “A good innings sir. Well done.”

I miss you.

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