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Global Warming – Ostrich Syndrome and my quote for 2017

The Arctic Ice Sheet is at its lowest point for thousands of years, thinner, less expansive and much weaker – New Scientist April 2017. The human race is heading at breakneck speed toward self elimination – we ignored cigarettes and their effects for decades and now the same is happening with global warming. Politicians and those others with vested interests are sweeping the problem under the carpet. My quote for 2017 comes from ‘Feedback’ page 56 in the April 15th issue of New Scientist. It may be the defining quote of the century.

“The US administration is keen to address the impact of climate change on American businesses, principally the way in which environmental regulations are impinging on their profit margins.”

It is time to act. The world population must reduce, the way we use resources must reduce. We must develop carbon capture technology and we must stop pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Big business needs to wake up and respond ethically and responsibly. Environmental Science should be compulsory education for all.

… and perhaps New Scientist should be compulsory reading for everybody.



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